Graphic Design / UI Design / UX Study
Project Overview
BoBao is a restaurant that aims to serve those who need
a quick meal or refreshing drink with a sustainable vision.
We serve Boba Tea to drink. Boba Tea is a Taiwanese drink that can be tea or juice with tapioca pearls at the bottom.
For food we serve up Baos, a steamed bun with filling in the middle. The sustainable idea comes from the sustainable and returnable cup for the Boba Tea and the low packaging materials needed for the Baos.
My Contributions
Graphic Design - Adobe Illustrator
Wireframing      - Figma
UI Prototype      - Invision
UX Survey          - Optimal Workshop Chalkmark

Click Here For Prototype

In Summary

After product testing I learned a few things on this project:

1. Most people are very knowledgeable about food.
2. The idea of sustainability is feasible in online ordering of food.
3. If you want a quick way of proofreading for typos ask Redditors to review your products!